Nora Foster Stovel

Nora Foster Stovel is Emerita Professor at the University of Alberta, where she taught in the Department of English and Film Studies 1985-2014. She has the Honours BA, Honours MA, and Ph.D. from McGill, Cambridge, and Dalhousie Universities respectively, followed by SSHRC and University of Calgary Postdoctoral Fellowships.

She has published books and articles on Jane Austen, D.H. Lawrence, Margaret Laurence, Margaret Drabble, and Carol Shields, including Divining Margaret Laurence: A Study of Her Complete Writings (2008).

She has edited Margaret Laurence’s Long Drums and Cannons: Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists (2001) and Heart of a Stranger (2003). She has also edited Jane Austen Sings the Blues (2009) in honour of the late University of Alberta Emeritus Professor Bruce Stovel and Jane Austen and Company: Essays by Bruce Stovel (2011). She is composing “Sparkling Subversions”: Carol Shields’s Vision and Voice, editing“Ivory Tower or Grass Roots?”: Margaret Laurence’s Essays and Stories and The Creation of iGiselle: Classical Ballet Meets Contemporary Videogames, and planning Women with Wings: The Romantic Ballerina.

Nora is a member of the Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association and the British Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. She has taught ballet for twenty years at three universities: Yale, Dalhousie, and Alberta.

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